The Sock, The Tree, The Boiling Water

July was a strange, exciting month. I had worried it would be awful since it was my birthday and I was very single. The one other time I was single on my birthday a female friend offered me her lover to play with. We ended up dating for a while. This year all I wanted was to get my twin flame back, we disconnected in June. I missed having him in my life. He needed to focus on the relationship he is already in.

I would have maybe given up on him completely if it wasn’t such a strange month. I was seeing 1111 almost everyday. I was being stalked by birds it seemed. Then there were the three strange things. The first was I had a thought that I would be ok if he was with someone else. Not strange of course, however, I was standing boiling an egg and water jumped out. I got burned by the water literally a second after thinking that. Some similar thought came by as I went to go change over the laundry a few days later. I opened the door to the washer and Gavins sock fell out, stained in the shape of a rocker hand. It’s on my Instagram. Totally looks faked but I have no idea how that happened.

The other somewhat weird thing that happened was with my friend. We took our babies for a walk and I was telling her about this dream I had of my twin and suddenly, as we walked under this blossoming tree, it began to rain. It only rained for two minutes but it was enough for tons of flowers to fall on us and the babes.

Maybe it was magic, maybe it was the universe giving me a good month, maybe it was nothing and I read too much into things. I like to believe it was something special. I like to believe I was semi stocked by coyotes for a reason. July just felt like the spiritual realm was giving me a big hug, helping me get through. I’m okay having that prospective even if it sounds nuts. This year has been very hard and I will take all the help I can get.