Quarenbelly UGH lol

Found out today that over the last three months, I’ve gained 10 lbs. I’m in a shit mood. Actually it was more like 13 but I started my diet last week. I thought I had gained like 5. A lot of things contributed. The gyms are closed. I started driving to work instead of walking twice a week. I’ve been sitting in the office instead of walking around at work lately.

The worst thing that happened was McDonalds closed. I know it sounds crazy! However, I had a diet plan worked out that included McDonalds and was affordable. I would always get a hamburger and a Jr Chicken. When I had to give up eggs, I switched to two hamburgers. Dinner would be 400-500 calories and under $5. I used to buy a case of Coke Zero and bring a can with me to work.

3 months ago I was FPIES reacting to dairy, soy, pork, eggs and bell peppers. No cream in my coffee for me. Even though my stomach got better, and I started having double double coffees again, I kept with the two burger things. I loved it and I was LOSING weight.

After McDs closed, I started eating more Walmart food. I would get a lot of the hot food counter. Chicken strips, wedges or chicken pieces a lot. That’s over a 1000 Calories, but, also, I would get a coffee Monster which is around 250 calories. Totally delicious dinner.

That is the past though. I am reacting to dairy again so no more coffee Monsters. No more hot food counter because it’s just not that healthy. The last few weeks I have been eating a lot of sushi at work. The pack I get is very low in calories. I end up being starving after work, but that is besides the point.

What is the point?? I need to get my shit together or I’ll have to buy new clothes soon. Everything is a little too snug for my liking!! I’ve started my diet. I’m really trying. I want to make more time to workout but I have like 30 masks to sew and an apartment to maintain. I’m finding it hard to justify the time. For now, I’m super focused on my diet and eating healthy. Last week I made homemade chicken noodle soup and this week it was a huge pot of chilli.

The person that I was kind of seeing but am definitely not because they wanna live some secret, underground tunnel life, is dieting too and doing well. That was motivating. We were, I thought, the same weight so that was cool until I realized that I gained way more than expected. Feeling the urge to catch up to him, even if we might be ending things once I get the nerve, or I decide to be all about that secret hobo lifestyle. IDK read my last post talking about my bruised ego. That’s basically the other half of why I’m in a shit mood.

Anyways, hope you all are doing better than me right now! How’s everyone’s quarendiets going??