Twin Flame Playlist

Vermillion pt 2 – Slipknot
Red Flags & Long Nights – She Wants Revenge
Fated, Faithful, Fatal – Marilyn Manson
Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon
Rock & Roll Queen – The Subways
Young God – Halsey
Drink About – Seeb & Dagny
I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say – The Subways
Delicate – Taylor Swift
Stripped – Shiny Toy Guns
Hate That I Love You – Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo
Way Too Far – Korn
Make Me Bad – Korn
Mother Murder – Hollywood Undead
City – Hollywood Undead
Sell My Heart For Stones – Nevermore
If I Ever Lost You – Tyler Shaw
A Hundred Kisses – She Wants Revenge




For The Love of Music

I am absolutely dying to have a conversation with my twin. This is the epitome of why I started my blog. I have so much to get off my chest, and I miss talking to him. I told him I like music, it sounded insanely lame at the time. Everyone likes music. I love music. I obsess over music at times. I probably have never had a musical conversation in my life though. I don’t know a lot of bands, and the bands I know, I know literally nothing about the actual band. I’m a music purist. I am listening to the same albums I did in high school. I have favourite bands that I haven’t even heard a single song from their other ten albums. I get attached to music. It is so emotional for me. I also love to dance and sing along like a complete dork while I’m alone. Sometimes I listen to the same song five times in a row, never getting bored.

My ultimate favourite song is Sister by She Wants Revenge. I’ve loved it since it first came out on MySpace in 2005. It is incestuously perverted and I love every second of it. It wouldn’t be incestuous if it wasn’t called sister, although sister does sometimes just mean girl. Sister in a cult sense. I always took it as brother sister. Maybe it is actually a step sister.

In October, She Wants Revenge came to Toronto and played at the Phoenix hall. It was amazing and terrible at the same time. They played on a Monday night and literally no one I knew had heard of them, so I went alone. I feel so grateful my ex watched the kiddies so I could go. Here is where I go from normal person to extreme music lover. I have so much to say about this fucking concert and I really just wanted to go on to my twin flame since he plays music. The Phoenix hall seems really sketchy. Everyone was super nice but the concert I went to before was Rob Zombie at the Budweiser stage, which was actually professional. I honestly feel like my twin’s band could fill up Phoenix better, they are local to Toronto though. I don’t know music or this hall but I felt like there was a lot of waiting around and they played pretty late. The opening act was okay I suppose, but wasn’t even the same genre. It was her first tour, clearly some sort of personal favour. If you looked past the plastic surgery she was really hot. I hope she was at least fucking the band to put us through her set.

She Wants Revenge and Korn are my two favourite bands. Korn really channels my rage and emoness. She Wants Revenge is slutty and all about relationships. Their Valleyheart album took me a month to listen to because it was too romantic for me. Usually I prefer my romance to come from Vermillion by Slipknot type songs. Cute and romantic is not usually my thing but I swear I was stocked by seagulls after I got addicted to Not Just A Girl.

The lead singer was surprisingly sexy. I had actually never even seen a photo of the band before. My favourite thing about the singer was his moves. He was dancing in this sultry way which can only be properly mimicked in real life. His moves weren’t on beat with his music, like he was secretly having a conversation with someone in the audience. My mind does tend to wander. I may have fantasized that we were secretly communicating with dance. One song he tried and gave up on twice. I actually loved it and thought it was amazing. How he was just like fuck it, next song. The whole thing was just so real. The one thing that really tugged on me was that after he spent the whole night turning me on, when they were done he legitimately looked like he was going to cry. I watched him packing up his equipment and it looked as if he was holding back tears. I wondered if it was the Monday night, little hall thing.

I also wondered if he was bisexual based on his sexy moves but who the fuck knows. In my fantasies the singer, my twin flame and I are a bisexual triad. Since I obsess over the same songs, I know what is playing two seconds in. I am all about the vibe, tone, lyrics and every dimension of every song I love. It is a very introverted act. I would love to sometimes give my twin a song to explain my mood instead of talking. I did this once with a slutty Marilyn Manson song after the Zombie Manson concert. (neither Manson or my twin showed, hopefully it made him laugh)