I have a theory that MCAS is actually out of control FPIES, food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome. I also have a theory that FPIES is not as rare as people think. I think it is incredibly common in babies but is misdiagnosed as reflux and milk allergy. FPIES is known for causing projectile vomiting when you begin solids at six months old. It isn’t the normal gag reflux since the vomiting is usually between 1-4 hours after eating. My son would vomit at an hour almost to the minute every time if he didn’t nap. I believe that sleep slows down digestion and can mess with the times a little.

I’m not a scientist but from research I will say the microbiome is involved. FPIES and MCAS are autoimmune diseases. From what I’ve gathered an important factor is upping the good bacteria in the baby’s gut. Some things you can do to do this are spending more time in nature, time around animals and breastfeeding. I will say the FPIES can be an unpredictable rollercoaster. Not every person will react the same. I’ve had periods in my life where I felt cured and I had periods where I am very stressed and sick. I do think though that my children and I may have MCAS as well, mast cell activation syndrome. Sometimes I eat a trigger food and my body reacts strangely. Chills and lethargy instead of vomiting. My daughter has very sensitive skin and we all have regular allergies. I once heard that 25% of kids with FPIES have regular allergies. It is still such a newly discovered disease the research grows every year.

So now you know the facts and theory, I’m now going to tell you about my life. A patient’s and parent’s perspective. I aim to give you hope that things will get better but reality is, if your child has a severe case, you may be in the trenches. I know of kids who are three years old only on formula and three foods. I know of kids who develop kidney disease. Our little autoimmune kids need our help. I like to say our babies have sensitive systems. The will grow big and strong they just need our help. My life is a warning to what happens when you ignore FPIES. When you don’t know what is going on, when you don’t believe your kid’s tummy aches. I truly feel the faster you treat FPIES, which is just avoidance of food they are allergic to, the faster they recover and get over it. I am 28 years old and I still struggle with FPIES sometimes. I know there are other adults who have a random sensitive stomach. There is hope for you too.

I Don’t Believe In Bipolar Disorder

I think bipolar disorder should actually be classified as depression with addictive behaviour. The cycling could be hormonal, it also could be an addicts attempt of getting their life together. I just have huge issues with bipolar disorder. One, the genetic link. Could be considered poor parenting, life trouble. I got diagnosed bipolar purely from age and genetic history. Who is to say that my uncle was diagnosed properly. Once one person is diagnosed with the disease, that means everyone related is suspect?

The second big issue with bipolar is how your family has so much power over you. Out of line, bipolar manic episode. Big argument with family, bipolar manic episode. Put them on meds. Keep them docile. Workaholic athlete, not sleeping, bipolar insomnia, needs meds. The pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune.

I don’t want everyone to get up in arms with me with my opinion on bipolar. I know there are a lot of good medication and programs that help a lot of people. I just believe that people will be treated better if we recategorized. PTSD, schizophrenia, multiple personality, anxiety disorder, depression and addiction. I think that could cover everything. Bipolar is a label you are stuck with for life even if you are never erratic again, you have been red flagged. Everyone is allowed to be depressed and get over it. Language matters. My bet, bipolar disorder will be in history textbooks one day as a way of population control.