My Dream House

In my dream house I would have a big white kitchen. This wooden open shelving with a huge Le Creuset and Staub collection. Two stoves, side by side, for holidays.

Three or four bathrooms. One by the front door, just a toilet, sink and mirror. One bathroom a big tub like Sabrina. One bathroom with a two person stand up shower. One bathroom with a jacuzzi. Tons of bath bombs and bubble bath on hand.

In the basement I would want a craft room like Jennifer McGuire.

Man cave for my husband??? Maybe I’ll get married again one day or maybe my Gregory will come back.

The bedroom needs a firm queen or king sized bed. My kids would have their own rooms.

Job Bucket List

Dear Chris,

Since yesterday, my Chris, my twin flame said I could be his girlfriend. I want to tell him my big ass list of jobs I want. I need a manager, like a band manager. Maybe that, but I don’t do sales. I DM, quality control. What should we call it?

I want to run Square One, like a casino, run the room, or a casino. Or both. One job one night a week? Or just text Square One. Just text. I have suggestions, you are the client. Not my problem if you don’t follow my advice and fail. Ill post some photos on my Instagram account with my suggestions and notes. Corporate espionage charge Laura TCP???????????? Need USA and Canada to be one country. Avoid jail. I want back and I’ve got retail secrets. I didn’t make Target leave, I want them to come back.

The companies I currently want to work for, in no order:

Nike, Lululemon, IG model, send me shit.

Las Vegas style casino, Military doula in Iraq, we will talk prices.

The Children’s Place, Justice, Vans, and Hot Topic. There will be more. $200,000 a year per company to district manage, product development, visual specialist.

Square One, $1,000,000 a year, organize your boxes. I know about fire safety.

Also fix this program, make it more like Word.