If I Had A Mall

I would do a mall a little differently. Instead of taking in people who want to rent, I would reach out to my favourite brands first.

Tim Holtz, you need a space double what your product line is. You are a creator, more is coming. Big wood tables in the middle for people to test products. Teachers like Michael’s.

There is a bath bomb store in Burlington mall, I want that in every mall. It is perfect! I think Live Clean should be in beside it with their full line of products. Have nice wood tables in the middle with products marched like Le Creuset.

Nuvo same as Holtz. How much space do you need?

I’d include my little strip mall but instead of a skater park I’d have Little Monkey’s.

Or both?

Hot Topic, please sell cute penguin underwear like Le Vie En Rose, for Littles. Merch it on tables like Justice. You need to double the space of all your stores. Crowded.

Justice would be in the mall but please cut out the bath bombs, they are cute but not good enough.

JuJuBe needs a store but I think Tokidoki line should be exclusively in Hot Topic or The Children’s Place. Or Both? Disney line like Vans? For TCP?

I would include Hallmark but one day I want a stand to sell my handmade cards.

That’s all for now. Love you guys.

Job Bucket List

Dear Chris,

Since yesterday, my Chris, my twin flame said I could be his girlfriend. I want to tell him my big ass list of jobs I want. I need a manager, like a band manager. Maybe that, but I don’t do sales. I DM, quality control. What should we call it?

I want to run Square One, like a casino, run the room, or a casino. Or both. One job one night a week? Or just text Square One. Just text. I have suggestions, you are the client. Not my problem if you don’t follow my advice and fail. Ill post some photos on my Instagram account with my suggestions and notes. Corporate espionage charge Laura TCP???????????? Need USA and Canada to be one country. Avoid jail. I want back and I’ve got retail secrets. I didn’t make Target leave, I want them to come back.

The companies I currently want to work for, in no order:

Nike, Lululemon, IG model, send me shit.

Las Vegas style casino, Military doula in Iraq, we will talk prices.

The Children’s Place, Justice, Vans, and Hot Topic. There will be more. $200,000 a year per company to district manage, product development, visual specialist.

Square One, $1,000,000 a year, organize your boxes. I know about fire safety.

Also fix this program, make it more like Word.