My Daughter’s Art Sometimes Freaks Me Out

My daughter Ellie is almost 5 years old. We are pretty sure she is gifted based on some Googling. She loves art and can spend the entire day doing it. She has never been the easiest child. She was sweet and wonderful but emotionally a bit high maintenance. She breastfed basically non stop, she refused solids until she could feed herself, she dressed herself and potty learned at 18 months. It took her forever to get dressed at that age, but she insisted on doing it. Trying to teach her how to write her name was difficult because she insisted on making up her own alphabet. I’m pretty sure she is going to become a professional artist and athlete.

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter has spiritual gifts. Sometimes she does and says things that throw me off. Maybe it is just a gifted/thinker thing. I am spiritual, my ex is not. I have a couple books lying around but I don’t talk spiritual things with my kids. My ex and I were happy atheists. I was born into Catholic and Presbyterian families but I switched to public school in grade 11. I was always fascinated (& terrified) by aliens, ghosts, witches, fiction on necromancy, etc. My mind is open. I basically believe in all of it.

In our apartment hallway I have a bunch of my daughter’s art hung up. Most of it is from March break camp at a local art gallery, but some is was sent home from school. Her art she does day to day at home usually gets trashed. She wants to keep everything but there is just so much of it. I did however keep the first time she painted a dragon. We apparently had a huge imaginary dragon live with us for a few months last year. They had a love/hate relationship.

In July, I saw Rob Zombie at the Budweiser stage in Toronto. It was my birthday week and I love him and Marilyn Manson (who was also supposed to be playing). The next night there was an eclipse, which I was fasting for. In the summer I fasted for all three eclipses. Trying out spirituality and all. I had sent my twin flame a ticket to the concert but I pretty sure he just went with his friends, or he missed out which would be really lame for him. I ended up dancing like an idiot by myself all night and it was amazing without him. While I was waiting for the concert I took a photo of my view from my spot. The sky was a beautiful pink.

The day after the concert I caught a glimpse of my daughters art and I swear she had drawn my view a few months earlier, on pink paper. It was the cover of an Easter card she made at school. It included a somewhat cute, somewhat creepy picture of my daughter and a bunny on the inside. I looked at the rest of the art hanging up. One was a picture of me, pregnant with a baby inside me. This photo also had me holding Gavin’s hand on one side and her on my right, floating being held up by an angel. There is a snowman with buttons across his mouth with the words “A snowman’s heart never melts”. There is a palm tree with the numbers 8 and 11 stamped all over it (1111 being a spiritual number). Lastly, there is a picture of Princess Poppy hugging a grumpy Branch from the trolls movie.

I probably overreacted. Why did she draw me pregnant, who told her about angels and wtf is up with that view? Given, I hadn’t eaten in 28 hours at this point. It freaked me the fuck out. Ellie is basically in charge of what gets hung up and what gets taken down, she can be very particular. It is probably nothing, I am probably getting creeped out over nothing. But what if it happens? What if I end up with my twin flame or even have a kid with him? Who the fuck is this angel touching my daughter? I don’t see ghosts, or talk to them, but it is not without possibility. They say kids have a greater connection to the spiritual realm. Just the thought of it all freaks the fuck out of me, not that any of it is bad at all. Yes, I probably overreacted.

If it means anything, 2 am that night my twin flame texted after a 5 or 6 weeks of no contact.