Empath vs Narcissist

They say that empaths and narcissists make some of the most toxic relationships. An empath is someone who feels the emotions and sometimes thoughts of others. A narcissist is someone who is incapable of seeing things from other’s point of view. The relationship becomes very one sided.

One could argue that it is easy for the empath to be full of one sided relationships; I know this first hand. I’m a very independent person. I ask very little of others. Sometimes I find myself in situations where the first time I need someone to go out on a limb for me, well, it is years into knowing them. I find it hard to know who is who. Who is a narcissist, who is kind of self centred, or who is just not used to helping me back?

This fall has been kind of a disaster. Let’s just say, relationships have been tested. I deleted my Facebook, or someone did, I don’t remember deleting it. My Facebook friends freaked out and got super worried about me. The drama of my disappearing act made me lose my gig at the Baby Show. It has been nice getting random messages from strangers making sure I was okay. I love my online ladies!

Maybe no one is a full narcissist, but I know a few. A few unnamed humans who have a terrible time thinking of anyone but themselves. Every conversation seems frustrating. They are shifty, they might change with the wind. I think it is self protection. They are insecure, possibly lack morals or common sense.

The empath can be very defensive, especially one not in their power. They can be completely submissive, uncomfortable with the barrage of emotions coming at them. Empaths are often sensitive, caring people. No matter what you are, empath or narcissist, you have to decide who you are and what you want. What will you stand for? What I want is to embrace my empath abilities. I want to be a good humanitarian. I want to create a joyful, peaceful, narcissist free life.