App What Do You Think?

Section for things I love and a section for possibly will try? Like interests on Fetlife. Listed after the questionnaire?

Is it just me or does cuckolding need two names? One with humiliation and one without. Or just the clarifier.

Before I said skins for littles but I think skins for everyone. Emo, plusheen, unicorn, skull

Imagine if you could link to your fetlife and your Instagram if you want.

Tinder are you on this? We need our LGBQ app.

The Beast Inside of Me

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” Stephen King

On my ribs I have tattooed the silhouette of twelve birds flying. I got this done over old cutting scars. I was the emoest in highschool, in spirit. I dressed kind of preppy and tended to hang out with the outcast guitarists and an auto nerd so I was really all over the place. I got my tattoo when I was 19, vowing to be a healthier adult.

Now at 28, I’m planning out a 3/4 tattoo sleeve. This tattoo is dedicated to the beast within me and Stephen King’s the Dark Tower series. (The books – don’t get me started on that damn movie. Okay, the actors were hot, but the power of a child’s mind, really? What did that have to do with the books at all?) I once told my twin flame that I love him most because he is the first person to let me be angry. Usually, I end up feeling attacked or critized if I have negative emotions. My new tattoo has the energy of all the Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Nevermore rage I have bubbling inside of me. It’s not drawn up yet but I have a very particular idea of what I want. I also just generally love the art of the artist I picked, Warren Wase. I kind of think the Dark Tower series is the perfect tie to having my twin flame because it is all New York, caught between worlds, magic and adventure. My twin and I talked occasionally while his girlfriend was in New York modelling. Sometimes I’m like are you Roland or Eddie Dean? I’m joking, he is so a Roland. Seriously guys, you have to read the series, it’s amazing.

Some of my sleeve inspiration: