FPIES Update

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I ended up going home sick from work because I puked. I was feeling out of it. I had had a headache for a couple days. I still went to my ex’s house for dinner after taking some Zofran. However, I left right after and went to bed by 6 pm. I didn’t sleep through, but I stayed in bed until 8 am the next day. In the morning, I still had a headache when I woke up but my stomach felt 100% better. That’s the thing about FPIES, once it is out of your system you are normally fine.

I was worried about soy allergy because it is so closely related to dairy, however, I ate soy sauce with my sushi last night and it didn’t affect me at all. Really not sure what bothered my stomach this weekend. I wonder if I only threw up because of my migraine and the rest was from the small bit of Nutella I had Friday morning? I’m unsure. The only other thing that timing wise made sense was that the pasta sauce upset my stomach a bit. I have some leftover which I’ll probably eat today. I am expecting it to be fine but I do swear at one point I had an issue with basil.

One of the things I have to be careful about is not overreacting. Making sure I am really allergic to something is important so I am not cutting out foods for no reason. When I had the basil issue, I noticed that once I made homemade pasta and forgot the spices at the end. I was able to eat that fine but not canned sauce. I made it again with basil and oregano and was sick. The third time I made it with just oregano and was fine. If I were to do this again, I would eat basil on like a potato which I know is safe, and see how I felt just to be extra sure. There are a lot of ingredients in store bought pasta sauce and it could be anything.

A lot of times I’ll get sick from a normal meal with a bunch of ingredients. It takes some detective work to figure out what is going on and narrow down the one thing upsetting my stomach.

I reallllllly hope it is just dairy this time. I can live without dairy. Last bought of allergies even vegan pizza upset my stomach. Even if I can’t eat dairy ever again, it would be super nice to be able to eat vegan cheese. I don’t know how to end this (haha). Wish me luck?

FPIES Hitting Me

My stomach is a mess. I know I had some Nutella yesterday morning, which has dairy in it, but usually it doesn’t affect me the next day. I’m half convinced I’m back to having multiple food allergies but it too soon to say. Going to have to go a few more days without dairy. Pretty embarrassing but I’m so gassy today, which is unusual for me. If I fart one time its usually allergy related. When I’m feeling well, I just don’t fart (haha).

If you don’t know I have FPIES which is food allergies that make you puke or have diarrhea within certain time frames.

Today, I also have had bad acid reflux mixed with nausea, which, for me, is always related to my allergies.

I’m feeling a little anxious and depressed. I wish I could go back on my McDonalds diet of three hashbrowns for breakfast and two hamburgers for lunch and dinner. Joking. But not joking. It seriously worked. My stomach was mint and my allergies were under control.

A few months ago I couldn’t eat dairy, soy, pork, bell peppers, and eggs. I am very curious if that is what the problem is. I didn’t really eat any of those today though, besides some egg powder in chicken strips. Before that never bothered me this much though.

Yesterday I did have chilli with bell peppers, beans and corn for lunch. I just find it weird that I would be so affected the next day, especially the acid reflux, which has gotten worse through the night (but wasn’t bad this morning).

I’ll let you guys know what’s what in a few days when this dairy gets out of my system more. Hope you are doing well!