I Have Another Book Idea

Come back twin flame, I want to do it with you.

My twin flame introduced me to this slutty dating/community website. I’m not really sure what to call it. It’s like pervert Facebook. I like it. Everyone has been really nice since I signed up. There is definitely more talking to strangers than Facebook. There are a few people on their who take their sexual escapades to a professional level. They make their profile all nice like Instagram, they get fans. I kind of love it. I kind of want to do it without being naked. I’m not into being naked on the internet, especially being a mother.

One thing that my twin flame and I are amazing at is sexting. It is so hot. Sexting him is like making music. I have a good imagination, and he has a lot of good sex stories, I’m sure. I think we could write a great book of short sexy stories. I have considered writing something like it for his birthday, but I doubt his girlfriend would want him to keep it. So if he does end up reading this, what do you think? One day, do you want to write an ebook of short sex stories with me?