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Happy Halloween 2020!
Starting to develop my style!
First day of JK & Grade 2!
Why my house will never be clean!
Snuggly time!
@ Gymnasticssss! Let’s do this!
Ex tandem breastfeeders be like… LOL
He loves his Tula!
Her smile is priceless!
Showing off my rings, and my makeup! Lol
It’s a bright, sunny day!
She loves makeup just like mom!
Art time!
I’m a dork!
Best friends!
Dad of the year!
Nappy nap!
Curly haired girl!
Work hard, nap hard!
At the desk, as per usual!
Purple is my favourite colour!
22 months old, at the pool & asleep lol
Chalkboard wall!
Before his first haircut! 😚
Best sister ever!
1 day old baby Gavin!
Toddler Elliebear!
Ellie made a collage of her baby photos! Aww