I Wear Nikes

Do you remember when you had an online survey to pick your perfect shoe and it was a little quiz? I miss it. For my Square One mall, I want you to have foot analysis like the Running Room. One shoe store, next to your clothing store. That’s all, you are perfect.

PS. I think The Children’s Place should sell Nike and Vans exclusively, Disney prints?

Military Ops

I was actually scouted by the military, manifesting too much? When I had my PTSD episode I walked for 20 hours. I took two breaks. One in a field and one at a park. I stayed up all night and got a ton of blisters. I felt like Hannah from House. I want to tell the police my mom lied about me being suicidal. I have the Nikes from my hike and my journal as evidence. My friend Ami bought me the book while I was in the hospital for my fake bipolar, first stint. I want the military to pay me standard basic training but you have to be a year out of the hospital to sign up. I told them I want to be CIA and CIA can do whatever you want, like the spider, the thirteenth sign. I thought for sure I needed a new sign since I can be very Scorpio. It’s more in my boyfriend’s chart. Maybe I imprinted? Spider is definitely going into my tattoo. The annoying thing is unsigned CIA doesn’t get paid, but they get to do whatever they want. I’m Out Of Control by She Wants Revenge.

Square One Plan

I think you need to be like a giant Bed Bath & Beyond. We need a bin & basket store and a Simplehuman store, every product from them please! Maybe a store just for soft fluffy towels and one for bed linen. I think Square One needs a registry where the guests can type in the title of the party. The categories are just the name of the store. Maybe order them based on placement in the mall. Give guests maps?

Square One Manager? One Day!

Square One is my favourite mall. I worked there overnight shifts with my best friend Kate. I was a little runner for my DM Laura at the Children’s Place. She had me open and close almost every store in the Burlington to Toronto district she had. It was the best job ever. My favourite part was destroying back rooms and getting product on the floor.

Inspired by Jennifer McGuire’s My Favourite Things YouTube series, I want a mall with My Favourite Brands.

Watch the blogs for my letters.

Keg beside The Beer Store, outdoor entrances. To Start.