I Feel So Illuminati

Let me be perfectly clear. I didn’t join the military. I’ll probably never be CIA. I definitely won’t apply. I’m not part of any organization. Sometimes however, I feel so Illuminati. Sometimes I write companies suggestions and ideas. Sometimes I post ideas on my blog. Sometimes I give my friends ideas for their work. Maybe not a single thing has come to fruition yet. Erin Condren’s team does politely say thank you a lot. Just putting my ideas out into the universe feels good though. Giving support to my favourite brands no matter how minuscule, empowers me. I don’t know if I will ever make money from my blog but I do plan on continuing my work. Feeling very Gary V, working for free.

Card Making Fantasy

I have this dream that I sell my handmade cards in a bar. I think it would be cute to be on thick wooden picture ledge shelves. Underneith my cards 2 packs of a bathbombs with stickers “babe relax” and bundles of chocolates “babe I’m sorry”. I did the bundles for Christmas this year. The baristas could wrap them up on their downtime during the day. Imagine the guys hanging out at the bar and their wife texts “bring me home a babe I’m sorry, you drunk skunk” Okay, maybe I’m making it overly cute. But they could make money off it. Chocolate cases direct from Cadbury, ribbon and cellophane from Michaels (50% off coupon), bath bombs from a local Etsy maker. Small businesses supporting small businesses.

It’s probably a pipe dream but still. Maybe one day.

Marylin Manson Redemption Tour

I have a crazy idea. Blood Brothers meet Marylin Manson. What if Blood Brothers rented out Budwiser Stage or Phoenix Concert Theatre for a night each. They could use it to test out what beer should go in the place. I think cans for concerts personally, especially Budwiser Stage. Glass on the grass, not good. Those nights only serve your beer and see whats most popular and put that one in the venue permanently.

You don’t really need Manson, you could do your own with a local band. It might be nice for him to do a redemption tour though. Team up. Make a big stink about recycling. Get the city to sponsor. Fundraise for MADD. Get taxis or ubers on standby. Sponsors and fundraisers.

All I’m saying is I wanna see Manson in concert for real and it would be cool to get your beer there. Goodluck.

SeneGence Queen

If I become SeneGence queen, I’m going to open a boutique for makeup artists to teach girls how to wear their makeup and the SeneBlends techniques. I would also sell all the products, like a Mac or Sephora store.

SeneGence can be sold in boutiques with 1-3 locations only. Although, if you expand more you can always change the name of the boutique. Each queen should open their own little store.

If I Had A Mall

I would do a mall a little differently. Instead of taking in people who want to rent, I would reach out to my favourite brands first.

Tim Holtz, you need a space double what your product line is. You are a creator, more is coming. Big wood tables in the middle for people to test products. Teachers like Michael’s.

There is a bath bomb store in Burlington mall, I want that in every mall. It is perfect! I think Live Clean should be in beside it with their full line of products. Have nice wood tables in the middle with products marched like Le Creuset.

Nuvo same as Holtz. How much space do you need?

I’d include my little strip mall but instead of a skater park I’d have Little Monkey’s.

Or both?

Hot Topic, please sell cute penguin underwear like Le Vie En Rose, for Littles. Merch it on tables like Justice. You need to double the space of all your stores. Crowded.

Justice would be in the mall but please cut out the bath bombs, they are cute but not good enough.

JuJuBe needs a store but I think Tokidoki line should be exclusively in Hot Topic or The Children’s Place. Or Both? Disney line like Vans? For TCP?

I would include Hallmark but one day I want a stand to sell my handmade cards.

That’s all for now. Love you guys.