Pushing Myself With My Art

This week I finished a little resin succulent pot holder that I have been working on for a month! I honestly didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did. The whole month I had anxiety about the resin drying or my choices. I honestly thought it would look stupid and it was gorgeous!

How did I make this most beautiful thing? Well, I used Thick Pour resin, mixed for 5+ minutes, added some glitter, alcohol inks and pressed flowers. Thick Pour is only recommended for 2 inches deep at a time so I did it in layers.

I had sooo much anxiety and self doubt with this project, until the very end. Getting it out was hard and I was terrified to break my very expensive mold! It held up though.

Resin is something I only started this year. I did spend way too much money on it; on molds, glitter, tile and the resin itself. I don’t have regrets though because I really pushed myself as an artist. I went from making cards to making 3D objects. I am also learning to sew and have made over 100 masks. Growth is important to me. I never want to become stagnant.

Art is my retirement plan. I want to do it my whole life and I dream of one day it being my full time job. I have 14 years before I need a second job. I’m hustling like it is next year. Selling art is hard but it is coming along. I think it gets a bit easier once you are established. I have noticed my social media slowly growing. I get a huge smile every time someone favourites an item in my Etsy shop. The thing is, I think I am so in love with the process, I believe I can do it. I love creating and posting my projects. I am determined to keep working at it until it is an actual business.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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