FPIES Hitting Me

My stomach is a mess. I know I had some Nutella yesterday morning, which has dairy in it, but usually it doesn’t affect me the next day. I’m half convinced I’m back to having multiple food allergies but it too soon to say. Going to have to go a few more days without dairy. Pretty embarrassing but I’m so gassy today, which is unusual for me. If I fart one time its usually allergy related. When I’m feeling well, I just don’t fart (haha).

If you don’t know I have FPIES which is food allergies that make you puke or have diarrhea within certain time frames.

Today, I also have had bad acid reflux mixed with nausea, which, for me, is always related to my allergies.

I’m feeling a little anxious and depressed. I wish I could go back on my McDonalds diet of three hashbrowns for breakfast and two hamburgers for lunch and dinner. Joking. But not joking. It seriously worked. My stomach was mint and my allergies were under control.

A few months ago I couldn’t eat dairy, soy, pork, bell peppers, and eggs. I am very curious if that is what the problem is. I didn’t really eat any of those today though, besides some egg powder in chicken strips. Before that never bothered me this much though.

Yesterday I did have chilli with bell peppers, beans and corn for lunch. I just find it weird that I would be so affected the next day, especially the acid reflux, which has gotten worse through the night (but wasn’t bad this morning).

I’ll let you guys know what’s what in a few days when this dairy gets out of my system more. Hope you are doing well!

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