FOMO got the best of me. If you don’t know what that is, it’s fear of missing out. Seriously, it gets to me and then I shop. The problem is that five years ago, I picked out everything I would want in my dream house. Now, I realize I may never have a house. I found a way to make those things work in my apartment, for the most part. Some things have been discontinued since I picked them out. Some things I’ve ditched the idea of owning because of space. Margarita glasses, I’m still not sure about you honey.

I put my bone china in my bar where the alcohol goes and moved the glasses around so I have more space on that shelf also. So instead of a collection of alcohol I was planning on, I now have a three tiered server with gold trim by Royal Albert. Right now, we are isolating, so I won’t have people over anyways. Also, I got thinking, and with having kids, maybe it is better to not have alcohol in the house. A stocked bar is fun and all, but that is just tempting them when they are teenagers. They already steal my coffee when I put it down for a minute! I bought a stand to put my bone china on I’m just not sure it will work out. Right now it is staying in the bar because I have young kids, three and six years old. The reason I’m not sure it will work out is because I bought some more Le Creuset and for now, I’m putting it on the stand. I could put a French oven in the cupboard *gasp*, no that’s blasphemy. I am considering getting more shelves for the unit my Le Creuset is now displayed on, and there is another shelf that currently has kid art stuff on it. POTENTIALLY, that could hold some kitchen stuff. If I ever plan on getting serving dishes I’ll have to utilize that art shelf somewhat. The point is, there are options.

I want either an All Clad or Le Creuset pasta pot, but then I think space. The couple times I’ve tried to make a homemade sauce and a big pot of pasta have been frustrating because I only have one large stock pot. After the last time, I finally realized that I could cook the sauce in a dutch oven. So now getting a pasta pot in itself seems frivolous. Although, I just ordered a 4.7 quart oval French oven when I already own a 7.25 quart round French oven. Why did I do that? Honestly, because I wanted an oval cast iron pot, and I wanted a yellow Le Creuset piece. If I own a house with a large oven, I would have gotten a goose pot or something much bigger. Apartment life means apartment sized oven. Reality sunk in. I did feel like it wasn’t the worst thing to have different sizes. I also own a 2 quart French oven, the pumpkin one by Le Creuset. I would like the Tomato pot by Staub, which I believe is 3 quarts. Will I get a 1 quart pot? Possibly, if I have room, however, it is really not necessary. I like the Staub and Le Creuset as serving dishes as well. I picture using the 1 quart for corn or cranberry sauce during a holiday dinner.

Will I host a holiday dinner, given that I live in an apartment?? Possibly a very small one, but mostly just special meals with the kids or with our friends. I plan on pulling out the bone china on the regular once I have enough of it. It will be used weekly! I will tell my kids how having them home is special especially since I cannot see them everyday and if I cook something from scratch, we are having a fancy meal. Homemade pizza on bone china? That actually sounds like something I would do!

Have you had to make compromises because of space? Do you suffer from FOMO?

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