On A More Serious Note

I work in a grocery store. It’s been chaos. My company hasn’t announced a temporary hazard pay increase but others have.

I feel like I have accepted the fact that I will most likely get Coronavirus. We are doing our best: wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer and washing our hands very often. I work in three departments claims, receiving and cosmetics. In claims I touch most items that are returned and everything in the store that gets damaged. In receiving I work with the vendors/merchandizers/drivers. It is easier to keep a distance but some have been sick and the couriers touch all the boxes I have to handle. In cosmetics I am stocking and tidying. I know customers are touching products because I find open bottles constantly, which I then have to bring to claims and I possibly deal with it the next day. I’m not trying to complain. I’m just stating facts. Any position in the store you are dealing with people and things people have touched. It’s risky when a virus is going around.

I don’t worry so much for myself. I worry for my 72 year old coworker I adore and share an office with. I worry for my grandma who babysits my kids while I’m at work. My ex had convinced me that this virus isn’t too dangerous for our kids; that is mostly the elderly who are the most at risk. I can’t even begin to worry about my babies because I couldn’t handle it if anything happened to them.

When I get home, I put my clothes in the hamper and jump in the shower. I hope this is enough. I heard today that another store has a lot of people off work between Corona and the regular flu. Our store has some people in quarantine from association and self quarantine but no cases yet.

I need my job. If I was still with my husband, I’d probably take a leave of absence or quit.

Besides needing my job, there are reasons to stay. I love my job. I like my coworkers a lot. I’ve made a lot of friendships. Everyone has been working really hard and pulling together, especially lately. I love being part of this awesome team.

Still, I would probably leave to protect my babies and grandma if I could.

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