My New Obsession

This week, I started collecting bone china. I stayed up late every night looking at patterns, making final decisions. It’s been quite fun.

It is something I’ve wanted for a few years. When my grandma Walker passed I was upset that I didn’t get her china. I’m not sure what happened to it. I hope it went to a good home. My biological father and I weren’t really talking and he was in charge of her things.

When I got married, I did register for bone china but didn’t get any. Our families were in favour of cash over gifts. I think it was a blessing.

Having bone china, despite being separated, has become important to me. I want to give my kids the same kind of memories I had of my grandparent’s house. I want to have something to pass down to them. It means I don’t have to give up another thing because I’m separated.

I’ve opted for a mismatched set. I got too frustrated trying to decide how many settings I need and worrying that my pattern would be discontinued. For now I am going to get five/six place settings. Since I am buying one piece at a time, and I am trying to pay off my credit card, it will take me a few years to achieve this. I don’t want to rush this process. I want each piece to be perfectly selected and cohesive. (photo on my Instagram dianecrystalbrunet of some things I’m considering buying)

My colour scheme is gold, pink and blue with a little green. So far, I’m sticking with florals. Nothing too basic.

I’m feeling very sentimental and excited.

Do you have/want bone china? How did you pick your pattern? Do you use it? I want to use mine regularly once the kids are old enough to be a little more trusted using it. I’m mostly worried about baby Gavin who is 3 and a half. I trust my 6 year old.

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