Splurging on Myself

I ordered four pairs of shoes this weekend. It may have been a bit overkill. The thing is, there was a time after babies where all my maternity clothes were too loose and getting holes in them. I wore them for way too long, much more than needed. The thing was, I was in debt. I was trying to save money.

I didn’t make myself a priority.

The last three years I have been trying to build a wardrobe. The first year I bought all new workout clothes. The next year, I bought some shirts and track pants. Last year, I started working again so I needed a work wardrobe; all black sweaters, shirts, pants and steal toed shoes. I also got new jackets, snow boots and my first pair of rainboots I’ve ever owned as an adult, which was very much needed. This year, I got two new sweaters and four pairs of shoes.

The first pair of shoes was for work. Since I am going to be working on the sales floor half the time now, I can wear running shoes. I got a pair for the gym. I got a waterproof pair of runners for when it is puddly outside. Lastly, I got a pair of high top Vans that are warm and weather proof. They are also pastel, so cute!

What will I buy next year? Or this year if I’m feeling rich with birthday money?????

  • bras, I’m still wearing a maternity bra from four years ago
  • sport bras
  • new work pants (if needed)
  • better, more comfortable, work shirts
  • two or three more t-shirts
  • a pair or two of Lululemon socks
  • new underwear

My plan isn’t to replace my shoes every year. My plan is to wear them out as long as possible. I want to keep my old running shoes and use them for the park and short walks, however, my foot has been bothering me for the last few weeks. I had been wondering if they no longer offered the support they once had, thus triggering my shopping spree.

I pretty much want to wear out everything as long as possible. I try to only buy things that I LOVE a lot. My jackets and boots I bought before lasted ten years before they needed replacing. I definitely won’t need any more sweaters for years. My biological dad always said, “don’t look at the price tag, buy quality, then it will last”. I truly believe in that (within reason). Definitely not going to buying any Gucci anytime soon!

So, I’m still in debt. I used some of my tax refund shopping instead of paying more down. I’m okay with that. When I take pride in my appearance and I’m comfortable, I feel better about myself. I definitely wasn’t feeling good about myself when I was wearing old, holey maternity clothes.

Pictures coming on Instagram (dianecrystalbrunet) when they arrive.

How did you build your wardrobe?

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