It’s Been Disgusting Up In Here

Let’s start with Monday. On Monday I get home from work and my baby boy has a mild fever. My daughter seems fine. My grandma and I already had plans for lunch and my son was being cooperative, so we go to a really close restaurant. My son wants pink lemonade and he is spoiled. We order them lemonades. The waiter comes back with fruit punch. While we were waiting though, my daughter said she didn’t want lemonade she wanted the red one. In my head, I’m thinking, “wow, worked out well”. I don’t remember my daughter ever being allowed to have fruit punch before. The drinks come with a sour key, which they both eat. She’s also never had one of those before. What she has had before was a fruit roll up, which made her projectile vomit all over the place. Also, cake with blue icing. She really seems to have issues with fake fruit foods too like Nutrigrain bars and Fruit to Go. Basically I never let her have food dye or candy. She hasn’t had a reaction in a couple years though, so there was a chance she had outgrown her allergies. Now, I don’t think she has. I thought, “we will see if she gets a tummy ache and then we will know for next time”.

Well, that night she projectile vomits fourteen times. After the first few times a lot of dry heaving was involved. Now you could think, fruit drink, candy, definitely the culprit. You would be thinking like me! However, in the midst of the vomiting, my son vomits twice. I chalked that up to not having dinner and having Tylenol. With the fever, maybe his stomach was sensitive. Nope. Stomach flu. My daughter and I both got fevers and ended up throwing up. I still, however, think she also had an FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) reaction to that drink/ sour key. The main reason I think this is because she didn’t have a fever until almost 24 hours later and everyone only vomited once or twice a day for a few days. Actually, they still have fevers and vomiting on and off. It is Friday.

They are at their dad’s place now. Wish me luck as I sanitize everything.

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