Let’s Do This February

I think I mentioned before that I feel clustered. Not quite overwhelmed but very busy! Ontop of being a single working mother, I have been trying to read the Gunslinger by Stephen King, cardmaking up a storm and trying to promote that as much as possible. I have gotten into Tik Tok and have been making some videos of me using alcohol inks. I’m definitely not one of the more talented at it, however, I’m getting better. In an effort to improve and keep it up, I want to challenge myself. This February I am going to make an art video everyday. The majority will be alcohol inking but some will be cardmaking or marker spraying.

I’ve spent so much time lately posting on social media I’m a little bit burnt out but I’m pushing through. I’ve been getting into a good routine. Reading has taken a backburner but that is okay. I probably won’t start my tattoo for another 2 to 3 years. I want to be completely debt free anyways. (I’m reading the series and related books before I get an inspired tattoo sleeve). I’m now kind of leaning towards a sleeve of just mutant animals with a Scorpio prince & mermaid Capricorn for my kids. There also has to be a red crab, like Sabastian from the Little Mermaid. My mom always wanted a boy and she would have named him Sabastian, which I feel like is an awful name, no offence. It’s a bit of a spite tattoo, and I hate the colour red. It’s literally triggering for me lol. Sometimes though, that masculine energy rages up inside of me and I simply call him my beast, for he represents my rage. Not that masculine energy is bad like that in any way. It’s just that I feel more masculine when I am feeling aggressive like that. So I will have my little mutant crab, an acknowledgment to that side of me. The side that I repressed for so long.

Now I feel balanced. I feel like I let out a lot of my emotions over the last two years. Is everyone forgiven? Well, I am getting a spite tattoo (lol), however, it really is just my way of accepting things and taking the power of my life. This February, this art video challenge, it’s for me. It’s not for the likes. It’s not to show off to my family. It’s just something I feel I need to for myself. To bring myself one step closer to my goals.

Sorry if I was all over the place with this post. I’m feeling fluid like my art these days.

Currently listing to Motivation by Dope.


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