I Left Facebook, But Now I’m Back

Walking threw Walmart the other day, wearing my BFF Sea Punk JuJuBe backpack, I got stopped by a lady. She loved my backpack, wanted to know what other JuJuBe bags I had and told me about a Facebook group for them. She seemed really nice so I joined. Turns out she wrote a post about it and everyone was excited I was there.

That’s why I love Facebook, the groups. The groups and birthday reminders are the only things I really love about Facebook. I’m an Instagram girl.

Last year I deleted all my social media, which now, I regret it. At the time though I wanted a fresh start. I wanted SPACE badly. I wasn’t thinking about my beloved groups and friends when I had my impulsive movement of deletion. My Facebook friends freaked out and a lot of them tracked me down. It apparently created a lot of drama. This week I was welcomed back to my baby group and a lot of ladies were relieved to see me. I had no idea how much of an impact deleting my app would have. In hindsight, it kind of makes sense, I was on there a lot.

On Facebook in my former life, I grew a makeup business and I had my own makeup group. Now I am trying to rebuild on Instagram. It isn’t quite the same. My friends can’t post their makeup looks and chat with each other. There are things I like about it better though. Maybe one day I’ll go back to having a makeup group again. Lately though, I have been focusing on cardmaking. I doubt I would have a cardmaking group on Facebook though now that you can go live on YouTube. We’ll see. I seem to want to try everything lol.

I’m still in awe about how much people reacted to me leaving Facebook and how much of a welcome home I got coming back. These social media connections can be very real. If it wasn’t for social media we may have never found out that our son had FPIES. A wonderful mother suggested it and recommended we ask for a referral to a paediatric allergist. Him getting diagnosed helped me and my daughter get diagnosed. For that I will forever be grateful to that mother, Facebook and its many groups.


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