A Wiggly Tooth

My daughter had her first loose tooth tonight. The happiness I expected for this moment hasn’t come yet. Honestly, I’m kind of sad. Her teeth are so nice and adorable. I’m sure once her adult tooth comes in I will yearn for her little baby tooth gap.

Having children seems to be an exercise of letting go of fleeting moments. Every time I get attached to something, it changes, life happens. I’m done having babies. I will never fully experience the baby stage again, however, I might have grandchildren. Those moments will be so precious, but just as much as fleeting.

I don’t mean to be morose. It isn’t necessary a bad thing. The hard times pass too. I’m just saying, if you have babies, kids, or loved ones, hold them. Moments pass like the night. They might come back but the moon shifts. Shadows wax and wane. You don’t always know what you are going to get next.

With that, I shall say goodnight. Hopefully my word filled expression cures my insomnia. Thank you for sharing this milestone with me.

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