My Bucket List

You ever have a morning when you feel motivated? Extra excited to get shit done? I’m having one of those days. I’m excited to be blogging. I’m excited I am one step closer to my goals. My social media ambitions are vague and distant. Maybe nothing will come of this. Maybe no one will ever read this. What I do know for sure though is, I need an outlet. I love being creative. I love making cards, decorating my planner and doing art with my kids. I also love writing, which is why starting this blog is giving me all the feels. Today I am going to share with you my bucket list but more importantly, I hope you comment and let me know what is on your list and what gives you all the feels!

  • make a YouTube channel
  • learn guitar
  • dye my hair purple
  • learn ASL
  • learn French
  • write a novel
  • get a tattoo sleeve, I want it to be the Dark Tower by Stephen King themed so first,
  • reread the Dark Tower series and every Stephen King book related to it
  • read every Stephen King, Dean Koontz & Virginia Andrews book
  • read Les Miserables
  • pay off debt, boring but I will be so happy when it is done!
  • get a pet pot bellied pig
  • get a bulldog to be best friends with said pig
  • run a trail marathon
  • run the Badwater ultramarathon, 135 miles in the desert
  • run the Around The Bay race
  • do Tough Mudder
  • do the Colour Run
  • stay in a tiki hut
  • take the kids to Disney
  • go to Paris
  • go to Greece
  • go to New York
  • go to Japan & get a sushi knife made

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