My Dream Life In 20 Years

Either I will move where land is cheaper or get a cheap starter home I can renovate. If I build from scratch it would be in the country. Maybe down the street from a farm where I have a horse. I’m so torn between country life and city life. Might be fun to flip houses. My father does that and rents them out.

My plan is to go back to work in retail when my kids are old enough to be home alone. Work hard and become store manager. I live across the street from a mall. Maybe save up and get a car. Right now I have too much debt to have a car but I can get by without it. Simple life. Write books and do art projects in my spare time. Might do a craft show or two. I sell SeneGence makeup and handmade cards on the side. Maybe they will get more serious one day. I mostly just sell the family and friends and it is just to keep me busy. I miss retail. I’m a workaholic. If I had the money, I would build a mall. Maybe I’ll store manage two stores.

Sometimes I feel like I have two many interests. I’m into too many things. I love learning. I love reading. I love creating. I don’t love sales. I love retail stores because people come in when they want and spend the money they want. You make it pretty and people buy it. That is how I sell. Just make it pretty. If I pursued sales I would do better but I prefer the retail approach. Maybe one year I’ll have so many cards I’ll rent a stand in the middle of the mall, Christmas time. Sell my cards, give the kids a job. Maybe the kids can make their own cards to sell. I can teach them about business.

One day I do want a home where I can host the holidays with the kids and future grandkids. One day I want to have a place to serve Turkey and use all the pretty Le Creuset I have. I have a dream of having a table set with a rainbow of Staub and Le Creuset dishes in the middle. White dishes or beautiful bone china. My nana Walker, Florence, had beautiful floral bone china we used at holidays. I really wanted it but I didn’t have a chance to go through her house when she passed. She had cute teacups and everything. Everything was stored in a hutch for safe keeping. One day I want to recreate the memories for my children. They never got to meet my grandparents who passed away.

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