Card Making Fantasy

I have this dream that I sell my handmade cards in a bar. I think it would be cute to be on thick wooden picture ledge shelves. Underneith my cards 2 packs of a bathbombs with stickers “babe relax” and bundles of chocolates “babe I’m sorry”. I did the bundles for Christmas this year. The baristas could wrap them up on their downtime during the day. Imagine the guys hanging out at the bar and their wife texts “bring me home a babe I’m sorry, you drunk skunk” Okay, maybe I’m making it overly cute. But they could make money off it. Chocolate cases direct from Cadbury, ribbon and cellophane from Michaels (50% off coupon), bath bombs from a local Etsy maker. Small businesses supporting small businesses.

It’s probably a pipe dream but still. Maybe one day.

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