Marylin Manson Redemption Tour

I have a crazy idea. Blood Brothers meet Marylin Manson. What if Blood Brothers rented out Budwiser Stage or Phoenix Concert Theatre for a night each. They could use it to test out what beer should go in the place. I think cans for concerts personally, especially Budwiser Stage. Glass on the grass, not good. Those nights only serve your beer and see whats most popular and put that one in the venue permanently.

You don’t really need Manson, you could do your own with a local band. It might be nice for him to do a redemption tour though. Team up. Make a big stink about recycling. Get the city to sponsor. Fundraise for MADD. Get taxis or ubers on standby. Sponsors and fundraisers.

All I’m saying is I wanna see Manson in concert for real and it would be cool to get your beer there. Goodluck.

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