A Letter To My In Laws

I was always envious of the close knit family you have. I was never close to my mother and I don’t speak to my biological father. I love your son. I always have.

Things got off to a rocky start one morning when I was coming off night shift. We ran into each other at breakfast and I was a bit too exhausted to get your jokes quickly. I was following Greg and didn’t say hello one morning. I’m sorry, that was rude of me.

The next time we saw each other I was pregnant. It was so soon, it was awkward. I get that I wasn’t initiated into the family yet. A lot of my parenting decisions were different than yours. I made my baby food and used cloth diapers. I baby wore and extended breastfeed. I’m your hippy weirdo.

I’m sorry that we got off on the wrong foot. I’m sorry for all our fights. I’m sorry I hurt your son with our separation. I actually admire and respect you both, and although you may never like me, I will always like you. I like how you are a clan, a tribe together.

Thank you for helping with the kids. Thank you for watching Gavin during the day.

Life has been treacherous since Gavin was born. One day I hope you understand. The stress that boy put us through was great. Now that he is healthy I hope we can all heal.

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