My Twin & I Are Doing A Thing

Thirteen years later my Chris and I still haven’t met. He only lives 40 minutes away. I think we are scared to meet. Ruin the magic. In the thirteen years we have never been single at the same time. He has been with his girlfriend for three years and I only left my husband a year ago. He was with that first girlfriend still when I met my husband, Greg. Right now, we are doing a thing learning magic. Trying to improve our telepathic connection. We are playing a game. He isn’t allowed to text me back. I text him questions sometimes and pendulum for the answer later. Sometimes I text something like “say wait by midnight if you want me to wait on painting this room yellow, Cinderella”. I Cinderellaed asking him if I can call myself his girlfriend. Midnight came, and things became official. I don’t remember the date but I know April 14, 2018 is when we connected again. I told him that should be our anniversary. He was being a bad boy, texted me a dirty picture at 2 am that day and we started talking like crazy. He was texting me while at a wedding with his girlfriend, at Carmen’s, where I got married. We are trouble, but it feels like magic.

The thing about Cinderella is the at midnight the magic stops. Our games are just for fun but they are not real. He’s never kissed me, we haven’t met, I’m not his real girlfriend.

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