A Letter To The Children’s Place

I would love it if you merged with two of my favourite brands, AppleCheeks and Tokidoki Jujube. I think you could make all your stores with them both. Make it like a cube with four sections. AppleCheeks and Jujube together. Baby. Toddler. Big. I think your sizing should go up to a large hot topic and enough with the sizing changes. I’m upset to see employee racks used as clearance bins at Burlington Mall location. I offered to merch it for them on December 14. Not sure if they are still there, I didn’t get the job. I had the wrong availability. I want to train my old DM Laurs how to do visual as good as me, or maybe we can be co DMs for Canada. Million a year each? Fire all DMs.

Also, I think that your management structure has to change. One people SM and one visual SM. Salary. Store Leads open and close all week. SMs are extra. You need better shoes, Disney Vans & Nikes. Let’s make a deal??

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