On My Book …

“If you do this to me, I’ll be the poster child for a bipolar mother and burn your family to the ground” A threat made by me to my ex when I was first getting diagnosed in September and he was supporting it.

In hindsight, I don’t blame him. He stupidly had said “Well, I googled bipolar and maybe the divorce was a manic episode.” Maybe it made him feel better to think I was out of my mind than things fell apart past repair and I hit the end of my rope. I don’t even know if he googled FPIES, the disease my kids and I have.

I was already considering two books. The first would be about hope and parenting, focusing on Gavin’s first year. I had wanted to include all the dumbass comments from family, but I had felt bad exposing them like that. I could still do it and be understanding within my writing. I’m sure my mother in law would hate the book no matter what, since it came from me. My one sister in law may actually enjoy it. I know how to self publish and I know how to get it in the local Indigo, so that’s not an issue. I really could say anything I want. The truth is honestly more dramatic than anything I could make up.

The second book is a fiction about Adam and Eve, inspired by my twin flame journey. I have a lot of notes for it. I have started this one about five times and deleted it. I was getting a little lost between my blog and all the drafts. I think I need to just block out three months to focus on it. Right now I am distracted by my apartment renos and organization. I’ll finish my apartment by the end of the year though. I once met a girl in the Navy who does all her endeavours in 3 month stints since she wants to do so much. I am considering doing that. I’ll have fun time blocking in my Erin Condren.

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