Tia, the Bitchiest Horse I’ve Ever Met

If my life was a book, Tia would be foreshadowing for my life ahead. She was one of my favourite horses to ride when I was into it. I did horseback riding when I was 11-13. When I got in trouble at school, my lessons were cancelled as punishment. There were a few horses I rode and got to know. Duke, Monte, Sam & Tia. Duke was a giant golden blonde baby who I helped train. Monte was chestnut. He was the first horse I rode. An older guy, great with beginners. He was so easy to ride and sweet. Sam literally had the print of a cow, was short, and had the biggest ass. He had the gentlest ride but he was pretty lazy. The instructor usually had to physically push him to the track.

Tia was my girl. She was all black with sensitive skin. She would kick the wall and bite at you. Not as many people rode her because she was so angry. I’m so angry. She didn’t like people because it hurt her skin to be brushed. You had to be extremely gentle but firm with her. I totally get the hurts to be touched thing. Riding her was fun. She ran so fast. I miss my girl.

I feel like my life is like my Tia. My bones hurt, my skin hurts, I’ve been having chest pains again. I’m just tired from life. I want the snuggles but I’m scared to be touched. One day I hope to get back into horseback riding. I really did love it.

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