The Magic of Gavin

I have always wanted two or three kids. I was actually leaning towards three but my ex made the argument that all travel deals are for families of four. We tried for a second baby when my daughter was five months old but I was breastfeeding too much. I had hoped that once she started solids, she would nurse less, and I would get my fertility back. That never happened. Refusing to be frustrated by the whole thing, we decided to plan our wedding and I got an IUD.

Four or five months before the wedding the baby talk came back up. I wanted both my children at the wedding. My ex wasn’t sure if he wanted the second, fearing it would break down our relationship. He wanted more us time. I was pretty fixated on wanting another munchkin. I got my IUD out 14 weeks before the wedding, figuring my dress would still fit if I got pregnant right away. Two weeks before the wedding we found out we were expecting. Unfortunately, it was right before my bachelorette party. It was worth it though. My daughter was a beautiful flower girl and my son was a tiny six week fetus. His due date was 11/11. If you are into the spiritual world, that’s a pretty magical number.

The weirdest thing about my son’s conception is that my twin flame messaged me the night before we conceived. We hadn’t been talking but he had been reaching out every few months. Usually it was just a sexy photo sent when he was drunk. Hello Friday night 2 am. I’m not going to lie, it was hot as fuck. Thank you for your donation to the cause good sir.

Besides the 11/11, which he didn’t end up being born on, there is a bigger reason why my baby is magic to me. I had been sick with FPIES my entire life and I had given up all hope on figuring my stomach out. Sometimes I was sick, sometimes I was fine. I felt like I could never be thin because it was like if I got too hungry I would puke and get a migraine. Breakfast was always difficult. Definitely no fluids before food. My daughter also has a minor case of FPIES that would never have been diagnosed. She would have just been deemed to have a sensitive stomach like mommy. Going on an allergy free diet for Gavin was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, mostly because of the backlash of other’s pushing formula instead. It was the best thing I’ve ever done though. He was too allergic to soy and dairy to have any formula we tried. Being on the diet for him, I suddenly felt better. I remember one day being shocked that I went five hours without food and I was fine. Being able to eat salad for a meal is huge for me. I used to fixate on absorbent foods. I feel as if that little guy saved my life. I feel awful that he had such a rough go the first year especially. He is doing great now and eating almost everything. He had such a severe case but recovered faster than expected. I think breastfeeding helped his gut heal faster but I will never forget what he went through for me.

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