Would You Ever Triad?

I have heard of triads before within the bisexual community. I’ve watched some documentaries on it in the spring. Personally, I have no experience with this coupling, three people all together. I find it fascinating.

I know first hand that bisexuals can be slut-shamed. Accused of not being able to make a decision or just looking for attention. For me personally, I am equally attracted to men and women. I have only dated men because it is easier. I have gone on one date with a woman. It was nice. I had two more ask me out but they weren’t my type. For me personality plays a huge role.

The only reason I would personally want to long term date two men was if they were also in a relationship with each other. I did suggest to my twin flame that we try to triad with his current girlfriend. I have no idea if they would actually be into the idea because the conversation didn’t get far. I think for it even to be a conversation, all parties would have to deal with their jealousy and insecurity. I don’t know which triad arrangement I would want more. It would totally depend on the people and their personality. Stability and happiness are top priorities for me, not number of partners.

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