Twin Flames – Mission Complete

Twin flame is the concept of your perfect match, the other half of your soul. I think that the twin flame protocol was a spiritual operation so God could take a fucking vacation. The idea is that you need to come into union with self, focus on yourself, and stop with the codependent relationships. Apparently, everyone who isn’t your twin flame is a karmic partner to make you grow but your twin makes you grow the most.

Let’s just play it out like spirit teams and literally everything is real. It is fucking genius. I don’t know if I believe that everyone who is a twin flame has had a past life with their twin before. I definitely don’t believe that soul’s split in half. I think it is an analogy for how fucking awful it feels when you first separate from your twin. Our souls are married. Possibly. I hear this a lot in the twin flame community that our higher selves are in union, don’t worry, 3D union will come.

I think that the twin flame experiment, yes I think it is an experiment, and it is a fucking intervention. I do possibly think it is spiritually orchestrated. It’s genius, serious. Twin flame partners are like carrots at the end of sticks. All of sudden thousands of people are talking to their spirit teams and getting tarot readings done. It may even be good for the economy. I don’t even necessarily think all twin flames will be in union. How is it that we have free will and union can be guaranteed? Twins do have intoxicating relationships that are hard to give up, so the odds are ever in your favour.

I think a big point of the intervention was for us to figure out our lives, do things for ourselves and realize how amazing we are. We are in a culture where anxiety, depression and low self esteem is an expected part of life. Being confident is idolized because it is hard. Every time you look on TV or social media you see everyone else. Comparison is natural and if you aren’t doing something amazing while looking like a model, it is hard to be confident.

At least for me, I will say thank you, mission complete. I know what I want and I’m happy where I’m at now. I’m over my twin flame as much I will probably ever be. I am ready to date someone else, but I want them to be awesome. I don’t want to settle. I’m okay being alone for as long as it takes for me to be with my twin or someone as good, someone as potentially intoxicating. I don’t think the point of this thing is to make us have loving relationships. I think it is to show true unconditional love, the kind of love that comes when your twin may be with someone else or may be doing something you don’t want. Knowing my twin is happy with someone else is hard but I don’t see her as some evil karmic that has to go. He needs to make up his own mind, learn his own lessons and figure his shit out himself, just like I did. I had to do it alone. Feelings change all the time, new experiences happen, new decisions made. For right now, I have a plan for school (possibly) and work. For right now, I’m single and open to someone who fits what I’m looking for, twin or not. I wish us both all the love and happiness in the world, no matter who it is with.

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