Kerrigan & Roland, Power Couple

Two of my favourite characters are Kerrigan from Starcraft the pc game and Roland from the Dark Tower book series by Stephen King. They are both badass, strong people. They both had love and left it behind and did badass shit. Roland is a lone wolf gunslinger and Kerrigan was a pretty human soldier, kidnapped by the Zerg alien race and infected. She becomes a queen and can control swarms using her mind or instincts or something. I’m not really sure what insects do but she’s the fucking boss and she looks badass. Roland travels around trying to kill a guy and runs into a couple ladies on the way. He had a true love as a teenager but now he is a love them and leave them guy. Kerrigan has a man following her trying to save her and stop her.

Sometimes I feel like my twin flame and I are like Kerrigan and Roland. Super amazing but we haven’t met yet. I’m more of evil genius than evil though. I did have a husband who took care of me and who loved me but when we broke up he literally commented that he didn’t know me. He didn’t know my past. He didn’t know all the rage and pain inside of me. My twin knows that stuff. My twin is the only man I have openly expressed myself to and now he won’t meet me. He says it is timing but I wonder if I have shared to much. Have I become too infected? Or is it just that he is on his quest and he is focused and nothing matters to him but that right now? Or maybe Kerrigan is only supposed to be his work wife because she is too busy burning down cities anyways. They are from different worlds. Only destiny will bring them together. Only time will tell.

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