Use A Pendulum To Know One’s Self

I just bought my third pendulum and it is not because I wanted to be a collector. I suppose I am now an accidental collector. The problem is that it is cute and little. I suspect my children keep snagging mine and putting it in their pockets. I need a pendulum locator. Someone teach me a spell for that. I’m feeling very Harry Potter today.

So what is it about little rocks on strings that I like so much that I need to replace them immediately? Honestly, I only got my first one in July. I didn’t use it much and the whole month I was in the hospital I definitely didn’t have one. They work with energy. They can go back and forth in different directions or spin for yes or no. I prefer the spinning. I think they are fun. They definitely aren’t honest. I use them to feel out energy. Sometimes I feel it answers with what I need to hear more than what is true, but what is truth? What is reality? I’m serious. Maybe you inquire about someone who is doing one thing in their 3D reality and spends all their time fantasizing about something else. Yes or no. What energy is being picked up?

I personally think that the pendulum is the perfect tool for empath training, tuning into your intuition and learning your feelings about situations. You are feeling out for energy and the pendulum spins. You listen to your intuition and feel if it feels right. Maybe you need to reword your question if it is “off”. I often run scenarios with my pendulum. Let’s play a game. I use it to get over myself and my past hurt. Before I was so terrified of having another FPIES baby. The last few months I have been working through it and I think I am now totally okay with every possibility. There is no supposed to have another baby. It is just a possibility I now accept. It was important to me to make it feel real so I could feel it out, feel if I really want it. I used my pendulum to try to feel out all the scenarios. My conclusion is this thing doesn’t have real answers but it is a tool to help me with my own mind and feelings. In a few years, maybe five, if I have a new husband, and it feels right, and he wants it too, I would have another baby. I would be totally happy and I’m no longer plagued by anxiety of the munchkin having food allergies. I’m also okay with not having another baby because I always wanted two or three. My two are wonderful.

Get a pendulum, spend time with yourself, get to know yourself and figure out what you want and what you need to heal. It can be a fun focus while you do your healing. Also, it makes a cute party trick!

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