Stalk You For Your Birthday

I emailed my twin flame and I told him I am going to stalk him for his birthday, don’t freak out. If you are new to the blog, I have been talking to him off and on online for 12 years. For the first two years he legit thought I was some old man catfishing him. I’m not sure if I am actually ready to meet him, or if he is ready to meet me. The plan is to finish my novel and sign a copy for him. Maybe it will be worth something one day. It could be considered sweet or self indulgent. Maybe I will also bring him a coffee. Is it really stalking if it is just bringing you coffee?

I can’t decide if I want to boldly walk into his work and ask for him on a random day. Let fate take its course. If the time works for me, and he is there, we will meet. Option B is the be a sleuth creeper. Peak in, and wait for him to leave. Miss him on purpose, and just text him “I left you a gift and coffee at your work, rain check a hug and coffee, happy birthday”. A big part of me wonders if I’m the bold one. I also wonder if he ever loved me. He says it has gone both ways over the years. I suppose I have a bit of a hope that one day he will be overcome, and just come for me. Stalk me, find me, and kiss me. Just a random day of boldness is all it would take. Who am I kidding? I’m inpatient. I’m going with option A.

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