Snobby Bitch Minimalism

I had heard about minimalism about two years ago and I was intrigued. It came over like a wave in my Facebook community. Everyone was thrifting and decluttering. There was so much going up for sale in the groups. People were asking what the exact number of cloth diapers was enough to “get by”. They wanted to be more minimalist. They were stressed out. I personally have more AppleCheeks cutie diapers than I need, and I’m okay with that. Some were gifts but most I bought. I can go a week without washing diapers but I don’t. I have 11 diaper covers getting fixed at the diaper spa and I am still “getting by” just fine.

In some ways though I am a minimalist and others I am a collector. I curate my home as seriously as a museum. Everything I get is hand picked, optioned weighed. I do plan on having a little more than I need but I’m okay with that. Maybe one day I will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? I like nice stuff. I love Lululemon. I have too many workout tops. The thing is though, I take impeccable care of my stuff. If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. I have even stopped buying Lulu tanks. That one hurt. Luckily I lost weight and needed new pants and don’t own enough long sleeves so there is the potential to shop. One day I will have enough clothes to be normal. Although I am workout tank obsessed, I have very little day clothes. I have two pairs of pjs. I have four long sleeve shirts. All exactly perfectly me. They all fit me at this weight. The clothes that were too big were donated, given away or the beat up ones went to a clothing recycling bin.

I collect a lot of things: pots, pans, Dutch ovens, baking dishes, pens, craft supplies, tokidoki bags, books. Everything I get though, gets used. It gets loved and appreciated. When I am done with something, it gets given away. 95% of the things I collect will be mine until I die. I hope that my Le Crueset and All Clad will be good enough to be passed down to my children. Maybe I will just pass them down when I am not strong enough to lift those things anymore. They are heavy!

The one thing that I give away the most is books. Books tend to sit on shelves for a lifetime. Maybe being read once or twice. I know of at least a few books and cookbooks I will keep for a very long time. There are others though, some novels and some history books, that will be passed on after I read them. I’ve read Stephen King’s the dark tower series twice and then lent it out. I don’t expect it back at this point and it kind of stings. I’m debating getting it in hard copy to add to my collection. I’m torn because it is my favourite series and I would love to read it again but I don’t need it. The minimalism creeps in. I have so many books on my shelf waiting to be read. I want to use my intuition. When a book feels done, let it go. Only collect things that are useful. I will however never let go of my copy of “Thank God She Had Chloroform”. I’m thinking I prefer collecting non-fiction more than fiction. Or maybe it is just that I enjoyed reading the series so much and I think anyone could enjoy that. It could be used. An old medical book, that is for me; I appreciate it most. I like things to be used. I sold my wedding dress right after my wedding and honestly got the same joy of seeing it on the other girl as I did putting it on myself.

So for now I am still considering myself a minimalist. I like expensive shit but when I am done I want it to be used. I don’t subscribe to a certain number of each item or just getting by. Do what you want. Live comfortably if it makes you happy and you can afford it. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Fuck rules.

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