I’m Going To Be A Doctor

When I was growing up I loved science. I actually loved everything except languages. It was hard to focus. Art, English, science and gym were my favourites. Yeah. Picking a career was difficult. Everyone told me how smart I was all the time, and I am pretty sure it was my family who suggested the doctor job. Alright, I would be a doctor. Now thinking about it, I would hate being a doctor. So much paperwork and covering your ass. Maybe I would like being a trauma nurse practitioner in the army. Something where you can work on instincts in a crisis. I loved studying science but did not love the lab work. Being a doctor meant lots of university lab work. Lots of clinical hours. Being a medical doctor was not for me.

I loved university but the problem was would I like the job? I was stuck on that. I was stuck on it for 10 years. Only now do I know what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a doctor, model, mother, comedian, author, blogger, artist, and athlete. That’s all. I don’t need to be professional at any of it though. I don’t want to be a medical doctor though. I think I want to go to school and get my doctorate in religious history. Maybe take some classes on psychology and ethics.

I also want to travel. So the plan is to backpack through Europe, booking small stand up sets. Telling jokes about God being a lesbian couple and the world being in it’s teenage years. We are all getting kicked out of the house since they quit. They just want to go fuck on some island and have a fucking vacation. Go to university and become a student in classes I love. Also getting new material for my novel and my comedy. On the side I will run marathons and take selfies for Instagram.

I believe that life is shitty for most people but you can still make it what you want. You just have to use your imagination and have the balls to never give up. You also might have to give up expectations of being “the best” especially if you are like me and want to do everything. Life is about the experience, not the credit. Although, I think I just want a doctorate for the credit. Guess I’m a hypocrite. I’m human though. I’m still learning.

Happy Halloween. What do you want to be?

One thought on “I’m Going To Be A Doctor

  1. In the title You say that You going to be a doctor and later You deny it?

    In our modern world there are so many professions that it is not easy to select the right one.

    P.S. Languages are easy to learn and they help You to know better countries which You visit. My blog is in four languages and none of them is not my mother language.

    Have a wonderful day!


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