Jesus Is Not Coming Back For You People

When I was a teenager I would always call my father and stepmother “you people” when I was mad. They were grossly offended. Always asking what it meant. You two people. I’m basic and literal as fuck.

I am also a mother of two. I watched my son as he was sick and he looked as if he was dying. As a mother, I can only imagine what Mary went through. Jesus died and some people still question if he was even a human who lived. The world is in pain. His message was twisted. Sex is still shameful in a lot of cultures. Why the fuck would she let her baby boy do that shit again?

If I was Mary I would come back and go full mother on the world. Make them clean up their own messes. Take responsibility for your own actions. Stop being so God damn codependant. Yes, you can be happy yourself. Stop looking to God. She’s busy healing the Earth we fucked up. I would let my son come back, if he wanted to and quickly encourage him to get a job or go on vacation. I would say “Fuck these people. Go be happy.”

Whenever we worship someone, somehow it gets fucked up. Money collected, hierachy, secrets. Come on guys, just don’t be an asshole. Find what makes you happy without hurting others and do it. Start companies, go horse back riding, get a colouring book. Learn who you are, what you want and decide if you have the balls to go for it. Take some God damn responsibility for your actions or inaction.

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