Will We Ever Meet?

My twin flame and I love talking and creating one day scenarios. I pestered him all through May to actually hang out with me. You see, we have been talking online for twelve years and never met. At first I lied about my age and told him I was 18 when I was 16, only admitting the truth this year when we did the math. At the end of the day he is not very confident we would make a stable couple. He is convinced we will burn out in six months. He thinks I’m some sort of she devil enabler. Or that I will become insecure and jealous, never letting him leave the house. I told him that my husband went out three times a week and I’m not a jealous person. I have pure motives of him being happy and that we will still play games and keep it fresh if we date. None of this worked, like at all. Super duper friend zoned.

I have a proposal for my twin. I propose we don’t meet until it is fated. Possibly we show up at each other’s favourite places like super sleuth super spies. One day, when it is right, we will meet. Maybe it is for the best that we don’t meet until he is single since I really want to kiss him. In the mean time I am not going to wait for him to do anything.

I daydreamed about him coming with me to get a tattoo sleeve done but I don’t want to wait for him. I don’t need him for it to be magical. Maybe it is more badass if I just do it alone. If he is meant to come he will, if not, I’m still fucking going. I debated going to his tattoo artist because he has awesome tattoos but I already have a referral to someone more local. The artist I contacted said we could start in February. So here is to letting fate and the universe take its course. Who is there is up to them but this lady knows what she wants. Here’s a hint, it is inspired by my favourite book series.

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