Manifesting The Perfect Job

I had a list of demands when considering the perfect job. I wanted something I could do on the weekends or from home. Basically around when I have my kids. Single mom life and all. The next item on the agenda is that it needs to be fun or social. I used to work in retail and that is an okay option but there is one problem. I love swearing. I know, I’m terrible. I haven’t even fucking sworn yet. Ooops. This blog idea came to me and I was all what? Swearing, do what I want, say what I want, sign me up! Is it really a job if it doesn’t pay? I’m not sure. I will say though it is a wonderful outlet for my creativity and my swear words, when appropriate. You have been warned.

The funny thing about social media these days is that although it is easier than ever to be famous, who is getting rich? You can have 30,000 IG and YouTube followers and be broke as fuck. I’m not banking on anything. So if you see me working at McDonald’s know that it may also be the perfect job for me. I love getting paid, 50% off discounts and burgers.

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