Twin Flame, What Now?

Okay first off, WTF is a twin flame? If you aren’t part of the hippy weirdo romantic collective let me explain, briefly. There are a lot of other people who are “twin flame specialists” and I am not one of them. I have some of my own ideas on the subject that may or may not be in line with the community. So before I start I just want to be clear that I am more of a philosopher than an authority. Some people will say that your twin is the other half of soul and you are learning to balance your masculine in feminine energy before you come into devine union.

Personally I have no idea about past lives or if we are all supposed to come into “romantic couple union”. I do think that there is a collective of couples who feed off each other’s energy. At least one of partners tends to do work in the world teaching about spirituality or is a humanitarian. My version of spirituality is pretty blunt, don’t be an asshole. I believe we are a group of teachers trying to help the world to be a better place and we all do it in a unique way. No one can tell you if you are a twin flame. Do your own research. I have wondered if it is something made up to make the best of long fucked up relationships. I love a lot of what twin flames stand for though. Interdependance over codependance. Taking care of yourself, mind, body, soul, finances before entering a relationship. Doing work that is good for the world.

I do have a twin flame, even if this thing gets debunked one day. He is special to me. He has been a friend for twelve years. Telling him twin flames are coming into union this year did not work for he believes we are only supposed to be friends. This is very taboo to say but maybe union is not for us and maybe I’m okay with it. I can always be a monk or a badass biker chick. I just want us both to be happy. I love him unconditionally, even if he marries someone else and that is his choice. My twin and I are all about honesty and respect. Also, jealousy it seems. The point is I don’t want his life to get ruined just so he can date me. If it’s not obvious I’m single, he’s not. I wish him the best and just hope we stay special friends for life at least. I’m just releasing all expectations from the situation and focusing on myself for now.

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