Depression In My Favourite Season

Fall is my favourite season of all. Ugg boots, sweaters, pumpkin everything. What’s not to love? My book is going deeper into everything but that will be a while before that is done. I want this blog to be authentic and timely. I’m depressed. I have been depressed for months. In April I got separated from my husband and in May I stopped talking to my twin flame who I was really leaning on during the divorce. My beautiful baby boy is about to be two and I’m not excited about his birthday. I was excited for his first haircut but my ex did it without me. Now he is taking them for Halloween and throwing his big birthday party. I am not close with my family so I am with a what is the point mindset.

At the end of August my ex and my step father got me hospitalized for bipolar. I do not think I have bipolar, just PTSD. I’m going to my family doctor next week to talk to her about it. I think I am going to ask for a medication for the depression. I know that I could be okay without it for now but I’m tired of fighting. Everything in my life has felt like an uphill battle and I need a bit of a rest right now. I need to take the edge off so I can enjoy my son’s birthday.

I hope you all are doing well. Happy Fall.

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