The Bucket List

I love to do lists, basically living from them. I also love movies so when The Bucket List came out it was perfect. I quickly grabbed pen to paper and made mine. It was too fun. It has been rewritten a dozen times as I see it as a working list. As a child I had too many ambitions. Doctor, comedian, writer, athlete.

Lately I have been feeling lost and those dreams felt out of touch with reality. I was torn. I have been wanting to write a book and a blog for a while. What will be for what? For now this blog will be my therapy. I will share my trauma, my optimism and my bucket list. To start I am writing a book about a magical badass chick. Hopefully it will be done in the next 3 months to 5 years. Either way it will definitely include elements of my bucket list. What are you dying to do!?

To Do:

– write & publish a book

– have a pet spotted pot bellied pig

– buy a house for myself, my kids & my pig

– get a vibrant tattoo sleeve

– read every Stephen King book

– be Kerrigan from Starcraft for Halloween

– perform a stand up comedy set

– go to Fiji & stay in a tiki hut

– run a road marathon

– run a trail ultramarathon

– gamble in Vegas

– go to New York for the weekend

– go on a cultural India trip

– explore Japan & get a sushi knife made

– vacation in Aruba

– take my kids to Disney

– take my kids camping

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